Van Bredas satisfied with rate of axe murder investigation

By Almari Wessels
20 July 2015

It's been six months since Martin (54), Teresa (55) and Rudi (22) van Breda were burtally murdered, and no arrests have been made.

However, their family is satisfied with the speed with which the investigation is progressing.

'It’s the family’s policy to allow the police to handle the investigation and not to comment on it'

So says Ben Rootman, the family’s spokesman. South Africa was shocked when three members of the apparently perfect Van Breda family were murdered in the early hours of Tuesday 27 January, in their luxurious home on the De Zalze Estate near Stellenbosch. The younger Van Breda siblings, Henri (20) and Marli (16) survived the attack.

Since then the police have kept mum on the details surrounding the investigation. Apart from a few details leaked to the media, what happened in the Van Bredas’ final hours remain a mystery.

“Take note that there are no new developments that we can share with the media,” police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says.

The Van Bredas themselves are also silent about the murder mystery. “It’s the family’s policy to allow the police to handle the investigation and not to comment on it,” Ben says.

Henri is the only member of his family to escape the axe attack almost unhurt. His sister Marli suffered severe head injuries and is now suffering from retrograde amnesia – she remembers nothing about the attack that could unlock the mystery of what happened that fateful night.

Judge Siraj Desai recently ordered that Marli should live with her guardians, André and Sonja du Toit of Durbanville. After the murders Henri lived with the Du Toits but Ben has confirmed that Henri is now living on his own.

Although Henri and Marli have seen each other since the attack it’s not clear how often they’re in contact. “The family appreciates all interest in and inquiries about Marli but again requests that she be allowed to tackle her recovery and socialisation process without any interference. When the time is right information on her progress will be made known,” Ben says.

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