Vanessa: I'll eat rat meat again

By admin
25 February 2011

Any reality TV fan will tell you that Survivor is tough and there isn’t much food to eat.

But we still couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched the first episode of Survivor South Africa: Maldives last night and saw the celeb tribe eating a rat! Although she still gets the heebie-jeebies when she thinks about it, the Survivor contestant Vanessa Haywood says she’d do it again if she ever got as hungry as she was that day.

“I’d had only a handful of rice in two days and I could feel my stomach attacking my kidneys. And look, it was desperate times and I was ravenous,” says the gorgeous District 9 star. “Rat really does taste like smoked chicken,” she adds with a laugh.

Vanessa, who grew up on a farm, says as a child she ate anything from grasshoppers to chicken feet and heads, but she was bit worried about the rat meat because the rodents are known to sometimes carry disease.

“When my doctor told me later that we were taking a risk by eating it, I immediately took de-worming tablets. Two doses just to be sure.” According to Vanessa there was very little food on the island and they had to try anything.

“Once we tried to eat a giant clam, but it was horrible. It tastes like watery, slimy sponge and then we found out it is a endangered species. Another time I tried to eat ants, but they were very bitter.”

Her time on the island made her think a lot about how hard it must be for people in South Africa who don’t have enough food to eat every day and the experience has inspired the kind-hearted star to get involved with a feeding scheme to help others.

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