VB 'puts David on diet'

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18 March 2015

Victoria Beckham has reportedly rid her house of granola bars because she's put David on a diet.

The former soccer star quit the game two years ago, and since then he has relaxed on his workout regime. That means his physique has started to change, and his fashion designer wife is reportedly concerned he is becoming unhealthy.

"She used to keep granola bars and treats for the kids, but she's chucked it all out because David was bingeing on them. His favourite meal is pie and mashed potatoes, and he's also partial to a bit of cake. That's all off the menu now, until he drops at least 15lbs," an insider told British magazine Heat.

'It's got to the point where she's stopped buying so many carb-loaded goods'

Victoria has apparently told David he needs to be on a diet so he can return to his former shape. He is interested in being healthy, but reportedly can't help tucking into treats when his slender spouse is not at home.

"He says he would rather just eat what he wants and not be bothered, that's why he sneaks food when Victoria isn't looking. It's got to the point where she's stopped buying so many carb-loaded goods," the source claimed.

And it seems it isn't just Victoria who has noticed the 39-year-old star's changing shape. During an appearance on a US talk show in January he admitted his three-year-old daughter Harper had been less than flattering about his physique.

"My little girl turned around to me the other day, I'd just bathed her and I was in the bath as well, so I got her out and was towelling her down, and she said, 'Daddy, I love you so much, but I don't like you, you're so chubby,'" he laughed to Jimmy Kimmel. "I mean, I didn't think I was, but you know... I hope she [doesn't know what it means]!"

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