VB thought Harper was a boy!

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05 June 2015

Victoria Beckham was initially told her daughter Harper was a boy.

The 41-year-old fashion designer and her former football star spouse David are parents to four children, Brooklyn (16) Romeo (12) Cruz, ten, and three-year-old Harper. The pair were thrilled when they found out they were having their fourth child, and despite speculation they wanted a little girl Victoria insists they would have been happy either way.

"I was told when I had my scan that I was having another boy at first,” she explained during a talk with Fern Mallis at New York’s 92nd Street Y. “I felt so lucky to be pregnant, so whether Harper was going to be a boy or a girl I felt very blessed.”

Victoria is intensely proud of her brood, not least because they are so grounded. She explained they only thing they have been spoiled with is love, with Brooklyn working for the last two-and-a-half years in a cafe. The children are all really close too, which could go some way to explaining some of Harper's pastimes.

"Harper likes football as well. It’s like a dagger going through my heart — I don’t want to see that in a headline. Please don’t tweet that," she laughed. "She’s got little shoes and a little football shirt and she runs around in the garden with her brothers. So as much as she is girly, she’s a tomboy as well.”

Victoria famously started her career as a singer in the Spice Girls, something she will never cringe about as she had so much fun. Now she can't believe she has been accepted in the fashion world, and she's still astounded when she thinks about the turn her life has taken.

"I think I’ve achieved a lot in 41 years. I like how 41 feels, I feel good. I don’t like how it sounds too much,” she said. “But I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved and I’ve got four incredible children. We’re so lucky to have them. I don’t know that I could have done much more in 41 years, so I’m OK with it.”

Victoria also poked fun at the assumption she's moody, and at how she's morphed over the years. She's previously admitted being embarrassed when her father used to drive her into school in a Rolls-Royce, something she now can't fathom.

"How times have changed because I would much rather go in a Rolls-Royce now – for sure," she deadpanned.

After insisting nothing was off limits during the talk, Victoria also spoke about her husband. She met David when she was in the Spice Girls and he was playing for the Manchester United team and they will celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary next month.

Looking back, she can't believe how over-the-top she was with him when they were first together.

"I spent everything I had to buy David a bright red Ferrari," she said of her first gift for him. "I wanted him to have something that he would have never bought for himself. I loved him so much and I still do. I just wanted him to have what he wanted. We were much more extravagant in those days. I wouldn’t do that now. You’re much more sensible at 41.”

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