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13 November 2011

Honda’s new Spartan-looking VF 750 S cruiser in a pearly white finish is a fuss-free winner, a straightforward looker that needs no bling or unnecessary accessories to leave a lasting impression. 

Be cautious not to underestimate the very willing 750 cc water-cooled V-twin engine. Although this bike is most definitely not designed for wheelie fanatics it will not leave you wanting for more. Even with a pillion steep hills prove no challenge and you don’t need to down-gear unnecessarily to maintain cruising speed.

Honda’s VF 750 S is a versatile cruiser which handles with the greatest of ease – wherever you may find yourself.

During YOU’s road test a substantial amount of time was spend in rush hour traffic. And this bike scored A’s all the way for superb handling and balance under all traffic and weather conditions.

Even the infamous Cape Doctor (the South-Easter wind) had very little impact on the bike’s performance and handling.  Add super-smooth gear change and the well-known ‘get out of my way” Honda roar and you’ve got the perfect partner for all seasons.

Just be aware of the vibrating on the foot pegs when you hit 120 km/h. The biggest criticism as far as this particular model is concerned, is the proximity of the brake- and gear-controls to the foot pegs.

It’s a tight fit and you have to adapt some attitude with your feet at the 10-to-2 position. But then you must ask yourself – is it indeed criticism? Because this cruiser oozes serious attitude. Why not you too?

CLICK HERE for our gallery. Images: Shaen Adey

REMEMBER: Make the best of your biking experience. Whilst t-shirts, shorts and sandals may look cool, it means absolutely nothing when things do go wrong. Basic essentials for responsible and enjoyable riding: a good helmet, riding jacket, gloves and boots/shoes. As the saying goes: ATGATT - “All the Gear All the Time”.


Engine: Fuel-injected liquid-cooled SOHC  52° V-twin with 2 cylinders

Capacity: 745 cc

Power: 32.2/5,500 kW

Torque: 62/3,250 Nm

Tank: 10,7 litre

Gearbox: 5-speed

Price: R59 999*

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