Victoria Beckham 'ready to make the most of career'

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02 March 2015

Victoria Beckham apparently feels she "owes it to herself" to make the most of her success.

The 40-year-old star's fashion empire has grown in strength since she founded her label in 2008 and she now has a regular spot at New York Fashion Week as well as a flagship store in London, UK. All the while her husband David and their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper have supported her every move, attending shows and events with her.

'she's finally beginning to realise that she owes it to herself and the kids to make the most of things'

Despite reportedly beating herself up over investing so much time in her business in the past, it's thought Victoria has finally realised how important her work is for her family.

"When she was working she felt like she should be at home with the children, and when she was at home with the children she was always aware of how much work she still had to do. But now, as the fashion plaudits flood in and David's career slows down, she's finally beginning to realise that she owes it to herself and the kids to make the most of things," a source told British magazine Look.

"She's still working flat out, but I think she's beginning to accept that she can't be in both places at once - and that that's actually OK."

Former soccer star David is now thought to be the children's principal carer. He apparently understands it's only fair after having his share of career success and still occasionally manages to get out and have fun with friends. It's another story for his wife though.

"She is either working or after looking after the kids, with nothing in between," a close pal added. "I imagine that is incredibly tough at times, and I know it nearly kills her trying to get everything done in time so that she can be home to put the kids to bed, and to read Harper her stories."

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