Victoria Beckham ‘struggling to compete with handsome David’

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07 December 2015

Victoria Beckham is apparently feeling self-conscious next to husband David.

The 41-year-old pop star turned fashion designer was recently pictured with dapper David as they attended the British Fashion Awards in London. Victoria looked stunning as she posed next to her spouse, with a radiant and smooth complexion.

However, sources close to the star have claimed she is becoming increasingly worried about how the ageing process is affecting her appearance.

'David’s ageing so well'

“David’s ageing so well, so Victoria’s starting to feel a little self-conscious when they’re photographed together,” a source told Britain’s new! magazine. “She’s panicking she’s going to look like a wrinkly old woman standing next to David. To understand her insecurity you have to look back to the very beginning of their relationship. In those days, everyone thought David was the lucky one. Since then the dynamic has completely shifted.”

As well as her flawless complexion, Victoria is known for her slender physique, which looks incredible when clad in her latest designs. But the former Spice Girls star is said to be on the verge of having to decide which to focus on – her face or her figure.

“Victoria’s indicated in the past that the day would come when she had to choose between her figure and her face – to be either thin and wrinkly or more voluptuous with a smooth complexion,” the source added. “She’s absolutely adamant that people don’t start going on about how lucky she is to have David, so her make-up bag has taken a hammering.”

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