Video: Christening our baby – a capuchin monkey

By admin
08 July 2011

A couple of Nigel in Gauteng who can’t have children and are too old to adopt but longed for a little one decided to get the next best thing – a baby monkey to fill the void. And like a human baby, he is dressed and fed and doted on.

But Johan and Marinda Homan went one step further: they had their son christened to promise God they will look after the life He has entrusted to them.

Aiden is a capuchin monkey – one of the most intelligent species in the world. These monkeys are so clever they can carry out commands and because their hands are like humans’ they’re helpful in the home.

Capuchins have a lifespan of about 40 years and dad Johan says he’s grateful Aiden will be able to look after them in their old age.

Read more in YOU 14 July 2011. Click on the tag in the issue to see how they feed Aiden.

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