VIDEO: Hilarious pregnancy announcement goes viral

By admin
12 August 2014

Do you remember the day you announced your pregnancy to friends and family? Chances are it didn’t spread like wildfire on the internet and result in you receiving a year’s supply of your favourite soft drink. But despite that we bet you were just as excited as this adorable couple.

Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy from Los Angeles in the US recently posted a clever video of their pregnancy announcement, using cans of Diet Coke with names on it as cute props, and to date it’s been viewed more than three million times.

According to an interview done with the expectant parents by Coca-Cola, Patrick first had the idea for the video when he grabbed a Diet Coke from a shop just after their first ultrasound appointment. The “name” on the side of the can was “Dad” and this gave him an idea for an announcement video. The rest is viral internet history.

Watch the video here and tell us how you revealed your pregnancy to the world.


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