Video of enormous cobra slithering into house will make your toes curl

By Pam Magwaza
25 June 2017

The worst part? They couldn't find it once it was inside...


A video of a giant cobra entering a man's house has gone viral on Facebook.

In the clip, uploaded by Derrick YiFan from Malaysia, the snake can be seen slithering through a pile of rubble and popping its head out from time to time.

"I thought this was just a science fiction thing!" Derrick wrote. "I can't believe I saw that big snake with my own eyes!

This footage happened at Batu Pahat on June 18th at around 4 PM, I heard the sound outside and went out to see this giant snake. The door is closed."

He added that fortunately, no one was in the house when the snake entered. He then immediately called emergency services for help.

But when they arrived to remove the snake, it was nowhere to be found.

Derrick wrote on his Facebook post, “Bomba came to the scene and didn’t find it. It’s probably out of the back window. Now it’s still scary. I don’t know when the dragon will come again.”

The video has been shared over 4,5 million times since it was uploaded onto Facebook.

This video is not for sensitive viewers:

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