VIDEO: Save your child’s life, make a change today

By admin
18 August 2014

Have you ever rewarded your children with sweets, bribed them with chocolate or passed a packet of fast food to the back of the car to buy yourself a few moments of peace and quiet? Don’t feel guilty. Just make a change. Today!

Strong4Life  is a wellness programme created by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the US in an effort to affect change in society and reverse the pandemic of childhood obesity, and its associated diseases. The programme’s Rewind the Future video shows what the future might look like for obese children if their parents don’t act now. “We didn’t create the video to make you feel guilty,” the programme says on its website. “The choices we teach kids today become the habits they take into the future.”

Watch the video here:

Go to Strong4Life  for more information on:

  • How to handle temper tantrums without using food as a bribe
  • Taking the lead in changing your family’s eating habits
  • Eating healthily on a budget
  • Putting your family on a digital detox

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