Vin Diesel: Paul Walker was my little bro

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24 March 2015

Vin Diesel was always prepared to “fight for” Paul Walker.

The two actors became close on the set of the Fast & Furious franchise before Paul’s tragic death in 2013, caused by car accident when he was just 40.

In light of the seventh instalment, which is due out in April, Vin has remembered his late friend, who became like family to him.

'He knew I was the big brother'

The 47-year-old recalled a script read-through, where both stars were just continuously dissecting their lines in front of the writer and director.

“We were just questioning everything and I remember Paul, after every other line that he was concerned about, he'd look across the room and go, 'What do you think Vin?' And the director and writers were looking at him like, 'Why are you asking Vin?'" he fondly remembered in an interview with Access Hollywood.

"He knew I was the big brother. It's how that relationship started. He knew that I was gonna fight for him for the rest of my life."

That’s not to say the two were very similar; in fact Vin admits their different upbringings on the east coast and California should have meant they were worlds apart. But somehow they still had many things in common, with their joint rise to fame helping to bond the two men.

“I have a lot of friends and I have a lot of family, but my most prized relationship in some ways was always Paul because we started as unknowns and we became iconic together over 15 years and dealt with the pressure of that and we were free people back in 2000 and then as the fame came, we both became more and more recluse," he reasoned.

Furious 7 is the last to star Paul, who passed away part-way through filming.

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