Viral: 17-year-old survives EPIC fall while ‘rail surfing’

By Samantha Luiz
13 June 2015

Yes, “rail surfing” is a thing.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that Annie Schwenker survived a 2-metre fall.

The teenager and a friend were “rail surfing” when she slipped backwards out of view.

'Everyone thinks I’m dead'

She escaped the incident with a broken rib and a split lip. Incredibly she didn’t realize that she had herself as she picked herself up and went clubbing with her friends. She posted the video on Facebook to reassure people she wasn’t dead. She said "Everyone thinks I’m dead, so I’m glad I can just tell people I’m still here… I would probably go railing surfing again, but I just need to make sure to hold on with both hands next time."


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