Ward off unwanted male attention with 'hairy-leg' tights

By admin
20 June 2013

A new fashion trend might be your answer to stop the wolf whistling as you walk to work.

Ladies, you probably know what it’s like, walking down the street, and every second gaze is turned towards you. You might like it, you might even enjoy it quite a bit, but what if you don’t?

If you’re tired of all the attention you receive from men and you long for a day when you can walk around without hearing whistling, then an androgynous fashion trend designed by a Chinese company might be the answer ? hairy-leg tights.

It’s even been advertised as the perfect “summertime, anti-pervert” device and “essential for young girls going out”.

The image of the tights has generated hundreds of responses, ranging from people who are purely amused to some who are completely horrified.

“Damn, so disgusting!” commented one person. “Essential for the subway?” said another. And while there may be some pro’s to this new fad, it could actually backfire too, said another: “This will not only prevent against perverts; it’ll definitely also result in preventing handsome guys from approaching you.”

Well, if anyone does approach you, at least you’ll know it goes beyond physical appeal . . .

This weird innovation is just a new way to scare off unwanted attention. But ladies, ever considered the cheaper alternative? Let it grow, let it grow . . .

- Faiza Mallick

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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