WARNING – Graphic video: Chef dies after being bitten by severed snake head

By Kirstin Buick
25 August 2014

A Chinese chef died after being bitten by a cobra – 20 minutes after he had chopped the snake's head off.

Peng Fan was putting the finishing touches on his rare delicacy dish made with Indochinese spitting cobra, and picked up the snake's head to throw it away, when the head sunk its teeth into his flesh.

The fast-acting venom killed Fan before he could make it to a hospital.

"We did not know what was happening but could hear screams coming from the kitchen," Lin Sun, who was in the restaurant with his wife Su at the time, told The Mirror. "There were calls for a doctor in the restaurant but unfortunately by the time medical assistance arrived the man had already died. After we heard that we did not continue with our meal."

Reptiles can function for up to an hour after losing body parts, as shown in the video below. Please note that the video is extremely graphic and might upset sensitive readers.

Sources: mirror.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk,nydailynews.com

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