Was Brittanny Murphy poisoned?

By admin
19 November 2013

New toxicology results suggest Brittany Murphy's hair showed the presence of 10 heavy metals commonly used in rat poison.

In 2009 the actress tragically passed away. Straight after her death, questions were raised about the circumstances surrounding her demise. Now, it’s being reported that Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti ordered a new toxicology report and the findings are scary to say the least.

Results indicate that there was a presence of 10 heavy metals abouve the ‘high’ level set by the World Health Organisation. These are generally found in rat poison, pesticides and insecticides.

If we eliminate the possibility of simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure, the only logical explanation would be exposure by a third party with likely criminal intent,” was the conclusion of the reports.

Watch this space for updates.

- Jessica Levitt

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