Watch 5-year-old’s adorable reaction to his mom's pregnancy news

By Lindsay de Freitas
28 August 2015

Ethan wanted details when his mom broke some very important news to him. The adorable toddler was captured on film asking the hard questions as his mum explains that he is going to be a big brother.

In the video 5-year-old Ethan’s mom hands him a picture of his new sibling’s ultrasound scan and as he asks who it is in the picture she tells him, “Guess what, you’re going to be a big brother.”

Ethan, from the UK, is dumbfounded and asks his mother, “Is that your baby…is it in your belly?”

'Is that your baby…is it in your belly'

As soon as the shocking news sinks the clearly elated Ethan yells, “I'm going to be a new big brother!”

According to his mother Sarah Bromby, little Ethan has been pestering her for a sibling for a while.

According to Sarah, “He wants a little sister, but he knows that he can't choose.” Just to make sure that his not getting excited for nothing the tot warns his amused mom, “I hope you're not joking!”

The heartwarming video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it was uploaded to Youtube.


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