WATCH: 7de Laan's 'kissing cousins' get viewers buzzing

By Nombulelo Manyana
05 July 2017

Some people feel they are just expressing their feelings and the cousins actually make a nice couple.

It all started with karaoke.

What began as a night of innocent fun -- and a few drinks -- turned steamy when 7de Laan's Amorey and Willem locked lips.

The next morning, the cousins (played by real-life couple Kristen Raath and Markus Haywood) agreed it was a mistake and blamed it on alcohol.

But then it happened again... and again...

"They seem to have developed serious feelings for each other, but they know their friends and family are not going to approve of a relationship so they try to suppress it," says 7de Laan's publicist Rosa-Mari Erasmus.

"Viewers will have to wait and see if they're going to let people know or if they're going to just forget about everything."

Over the past two weeks, viewers have taken to social media to have their say on the controversial issue. Plenty of fans have slammed kissing cousins' 'incestuous' relationship is -- but others are speculating there might be a plot twist in the works, in which it's revealed Amorey and Willem are not really blood-related at all.  


When the cameras stop rolling, Kristen and Markus are in a real-life relationship. And no, they are not really related to each other!


Their relationship began when both holidayed in KwaZulu-Natal in December last year - Kristen in Balito and Markus in Salt Rock. But before the holidays, there was already "feelings" between them, Markus and Kristen told YOU earlier this year.

To keep things professional, they kept the news about their relationship private at first.

And even when they became more comfortable and were open about it at work, many colleagues were still not aware of it. The two often discuss work and learn a lot from each other.

"We take our work home because it is our passion," Mark says. They dream about the many things they want to do together. "We have a bucket list," Kristen said.

Every time they do something on the list, they mark it off. Both have already acknowledged that kissing in the rain and in a dressing room has already been marked off!

How cute!

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