Watch a DVD: Last Chance Harvey

By admin
01 February 2010

This bittersweet tale of two lonely people who’ve given up on their dreams of finding love may not offer anything new plot-wise but seeing Oscar-winners Hoffman and Thompson bring their characters to life makes this movie most worthwhile to watch.

Divorced New York jingle composer Harvey Shine (Hoffman), a failed jazz pianist, flies to London for his daughter’s wedding - only to find she wants her stepfather to give her away.

Harvey decides to skip the reception and fly home for a work meeting but after he misses his flight hears he has been fired.

Then he meets Kate Taylor (Thompson), a middle-aged Londoner working a dead-end job while looking after her ageing mother. Both have been scarred by failed relationships but inspire each other to break out of their ruts and take a chance on love.

Don’t expect fireworks; this is a low-key affair that takes its sweet time to unravel. If you’d enjoy seeing two of the finest actors around at the top of their game give it a whirl.

DVD of the week: Last Chance Harvey

Drama. 2008. 89 min. With DUSTIN HOFFMAN and EMMA THOMPSON. Director: Joel Hopkins. PG.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Willem Moller

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