WATCH: Adorable clip shows zookeepers 'become pandas' to cuddle cubs

By Nadim Nyker
26 July 2017

Best job in the world?

Zookeepers in China dress up as pandas to help cubs prepare for a future in their wild. 

The panda cubs, from southwest China's Wolong National Nature Reserve, are due to be released from captivity soon.

As such, the little guys will have to learn how to live on their - so Zookeepers pretend to be pandas when interacting with them.

Human attachment can weaken a panda's chance of survival while released in the wild, so their careers at the zoo go to great lengths to convince the cubs they're pandas too. According to the Evening Standard, they'll go as far as smearing panda urine and feces on their outfits to mask their human scent.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard

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