WATCH: Amusement park ride ends in tragedy, victim speaks out

28 July 2017

Passengers were swung in a 12 m arch while simultaneously being spun at a rate of 13 times a minute.

A young man has died and seven were injured when an amusement ride at the Ohio State Fair in the US went horribly wrong.

Tyler Jarrell (18) – a recent high school graduate who’d enlisted in the marines on 22 July – died when the Fire Ball ride suddenly came apart mid-ride on Wednesday night, flinging him meters away and into the ground. An eye witness says one of the carriages of the ride broke loose.

Three of the seven injured are in a critical condition. Tyler was flung through the air and hit the ground about 15 m away from the carriage in which he’d been sitting. Each carriage seats four passengers.

The other injured were bystanders who had been hit by pieces of the Fire Ball.

John Kasich, governor of Ohio, called it the worst tragedy in the history of the state fair, adding that it was very, very sad for everybody.

All the rides at the fair have been shut down for inspection. Michael Vartorella, speaking on behalf of Ohio State Fairgrounds, has said the Fire Ball was repeatedly tested and had passed a series of safety tests before Wednesday’s tragedy.

A survivor of the horrific accident has spoken out about the ordeal:


The Fire Ball swings its carriages from side to side while simultaneously spinning each of its six carriages around its axis. Passengers are swung in a 12 m arch while simultaneously being spun at a rate of 13 times a minute.

Amusements of America, distributors the Fire Ball, describes it as an “aggressive thrill ride” on the company website. The Fire Ball made its debut in America in 2002 and has since become one of the most popular rides of its kind.


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