WATCH: Angry groom violently drags bride out of car in front of guests in 'money row'

By Pam Magwaza
14 June 2017

He pulled her out of the wedding car by her wedding dress.

A couple's wedding day has to be one the most joyous days of their lives but for this bride, things took a humiliating turn.

A video of a groom violently pulling his bride out of a car was posted onto YouTube.

The newlyweds, reportedly from China, can be seen inside a car surrounded by guests who came to celebrate the couple's special day. Just then the groom, all suited up, gets out of the car and violently yanks his new wife out of the vehicle by her wedding dress.

She is then caught by nearby female guests, who lead her into the hall with her groom right behind them. The onlooking guests are clearly shocked but do not try to stop the groom.

According to MailOnline, the groom supposedly lost his temper after the bride "demanded a large amount of money to be paid before she would agree to step out of the wedding car."

Other reports alleged that the man had just found discovered the bride's infidelity. But the groom, known only as Mr Li, allegedly told Chinese publication Chengdu Evening Post he was angry because the driver of the wedding car kept demanding gift money from them.

"It was because of the chauffeur of the wedding car. He stopped the car a few times on a ten-minute journey and asked for red packets," Mr Li said.

Red packets are monetary gifts used in important events, such as Lunar New Year and weddings, as a symbol of blessing.

He also claimed the driver had made him angry because the trip to the venue was only supposed to be 10 minutes but it took them an hour to get there.

"Every time the car stopped, we were surrounded by guests [who also wanted money] and we had given away all the red packets," he claimed.

Frustrated by the whole situation, Li said that he decided to get out of the car and drag his bride with him. He did not explain why he did so so violently.

A bridesmaid by the name of Xiaoli also testified to the groom's version of events.

She said that the wedding celebrations went on as usual after the incident and that the couple was very much in love as they had been dating for years before deciding to marry.

Watch the video below:

Sources: Daily MailChengdu Evening Post, ECR

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