Watch as 11-year-old pulls loose tooth out using slingshot

By Samantha Luiz
06 July 2015

Instead of letting her loose milk tooth fall out on its own, 11-year-old Alexis Davidson took matters into her own hands.

The girl, from Colorado, tied the tooth to the string of her slingshot and fired it out of her mouth with great force.

'Alexis is a special kid'

The remarkable stunt was filmed in slow-motion by her father, Jason Mcdonald who farms alligators for a living.

“Alexis is a special kid, she does a lot of crazy stuff with me, like walking the slack line over a pool of alligators,” he said.

After pulling the tooth out, the video shows Alexis smiling while proudly holding onto the dislodged tooth in her hand.

Watch the video below:


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