Watch as police crush R6,7 million Lamborghini to 'teach owner a lesson'

By Richard van Rensburg
20 December 2016

Please note: these gruesome clips may upset sensitive car enthusiasts.

Please note: the gruesome clips below may upset sensitive car enthusiasts.

Taipei police recently decided to turn a Lamborghini Murcielago worth about R6,7 million into scrap. The innocent victim had been impounded – until its owner lost a court battle to get his wheels back.

The owner, a Mr Lin, was stopped at a routine roadblock and police noticed irregularities with the car’s registration. The details of Lin’s crime are sketchy but it appears he tried to get around import regulations.

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One thing is certain, however: the authorities wanted to make an example of Lin and the super-car paid the price for its owner’s crime.

The public destruction of the car, an event to which many photographers and videographers were invited, sent shockwaves throughout the world, from Taiwan and Australia to as far afield as Holland, where the following media headline resulted:

"This hurts.. This Lamborghini MurcielagoSV is being totally crushed in Taiwan for not having a license plate.."

As a last resort, Lin sent a friend to beg the team charged with executing the “sentence” not to carry it out. In vain.

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After the Murcielago had been ripped apart piece by piece by a mechanical claw and crushed, a caterpillar tractor was driven to and fro over the remains.

Taiwan isn’t the only country where this has taken place. Not long ago American authorities made a scrap pancake of an illegally imported R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R.


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