WATCH: Bizarre moment 'giraffe mom' gives birth to baby boy

By Pam Magwaza
10 March 2017

This woman put the in fun in giving birth when she did it, all while while sporting a giraffe mask.

Some women deal with the pain of labour in weird and wonderful ways.

But Erin's, er, unconventional method may just take the cake.

Affectionately known as "The Giraffe Mom", Erin Dietrich became an instant internet sensation after she posted a video of herself, heavily pregnant, wearing a giraffe mask and dancing around her room earlier this week.

According to USA Today Erin, a photographer, said she had trouble sleeping while pregnant with her latest baby.

So when she couldn't nod off, she began watching the April the Giraffe livestream (a now-viral live feed of a giraffe in a zoo in New York, who is due to give birth soon).

Naturally, the next step was for her to order her a giraffe mask and as soon as she got it, she put it on, turn on her webcam and stream a video live to Facebook.

The mom of four from South Carolina then posted another seven-minute video of herself in a hospital room about to go into labour on Wednesday.

She looks around the room, blows kisses and even does a little shoulder dance as her husband takes the video of her.

She later gave birth to a healthy baby boy and the internet couldn't be happier for her.

These are some of the comments on her video:

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Source: Mom who spoofed April the Giraffe's maternity web cam welcomes baby boyViral 'giraffe mom' gives birth to boy

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