WATCH: Boxing mom-to-be still in the ring at nine months pregnant

26 May 2017

At nine months pregnant, Vicky Sim isn't rolling with the pregnancy-punches - she's throwing them.

Vicky Sim can definitely still pack a punch even at nine months pregnant!

Pregnancy is usually a time where most moms-to-be sit back, relax and allow themselves to gain a little bit of weight while waiting for their babies to come but not this boxing-mad gym owner.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

At nine months pregnant she still proudly goes into the boxing ring with her huge bump and proves that she can still pack a mean punch. The super toned 39-year-old has only put on 11kg throughout her pregnancy and amazingly still had perfect abs until she was seven months pregnant.

Vicky, who is from Melbourne, Australia has spent her pregnancy boxing and eating clean foods and raw veg and claims regular exercise even cured her morning sickness.

"Exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended and fitness and good health is the world I live in – I just love how it makes me feel," she said.

Vicky, who owns her gym with her partner Michael Hargraves, said, "It would have been hard for me to stop exercising during my pregnancy but luckily there was no reason for me to do so and I was able to continue boxing throughout."

She made it clear that although she still takes part in the sport, she does not actively take part in fights while she is pregnant.

"You can't be in a ring sparring as obviously, I wouldn't do anything where my baby could get hurt, but this is non-combat and isn't rough," she said.

"When you are pregnant there are so many restrictions and physical and emotional changes which can be hard to adjust to but exercise really helps you feel good."

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"It's important to remember everybody is different and what is good for me, may not be good for you. Do not listen to everyone else's opinion – just your doctor's. I didn't do anything without doing my homework."

Amazingly, Vicky only developed a visible bump when she 'popped' in the seventh month of her pregnancy and has put on just 11kg in total.

She has continued to exercise for four hours a week after she discovered she was pregnant last year and plans to keep up this regime until her due date. The first-time mum, who is expecting a boy, boxes with punch bags and pads for 30 minutes, three times a week.

During this time, she also combines boxing with 30 minutes of all over bodyweight exercises, lifting free weights and kettlebells twice a week and makes time to fit in an hour-long walk on a weekly basis. And despite bizarre pregnancy cravings she has managed to eat 'clean' wholefoods and raw veg throughout.

Vicky said, "Eating for two is a very old-fashioned mentality. Although you may be feeding yourself and your baby, most of the pregnancy your baby is tiny. You are not feeding an adult. You only need a daily increase of 300 calories to ensure the baby is well-nourished – it's not a green light to go crazy.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

"Before I got pregnant my diet consisted of clean, whole and raw as much as possible for 80 % of my week. The first trimester was a huge shock because suddenly I hated coffee and salads and the thought of eating those healthy foods made me ill. I just wanted to eat crackers, bread, pasta and fruit and had a toasted sandwich every morning,"

"It was a struggle but luckily by my second trimester I went back to my old eating habits and felt better which made it easier to eat clean, whole, nutritious food," she confessed.

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She also added that when she was nauseous she found exercising actually stopped nausea.

"The reality is sometimes you may not feel up to exercising, pregnant or not, but you just need to push through those days and not give up because you always feel better after doing some form of exercise."

"There is so much you get told about what pregnancy is like and although for some this is very true, for others it can be the exact opposite. I'm a strong believer that if you have a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy attitude, you give yourself the best chance of having a more positive pregnancy. I'm a prime example of that."


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