WATCH: Brave Joburg teen fights off attacker – as nearby security guard does nothing

By Kirstin Buick
11 April 2017

A shocking video that shows a teenage girl attacked by a mugger in Roosevelt Park, Joburg, has emerged.

In the clip, captured by a security camera in Anreith Street on Sunday, the young woman can be seen in a tussle with the thief on the roadside – as a nearby security guard looks on.

The video was shared to Facebook by Intelligence Bureau SA.

“The street guard is less than 15 m away, watches everything but did nothing! We have never been a fan of street guards unless they are properly trained and equipped accordingly. We hope those street guards are qualified and registered,” they wrote.

According to News24, the girl had been walking to a friend’s home from Northcliff Square, where she works.

The CCTV footage shows a red VW Polo pulls up next to her, and a man gets out to ask her for directions.

He eventually lunges at her.

They struggle for less than a minute before the attacker pins her to the ground, making off with her cell phone.

A family member of the teen's friend told News24 she saw the guard a few metres away and hoped he’d help her.

She is traumatised but not hurt, they added.

The guard has since been suspended, and a case opened at the Linden Police Station.

Sources: News24, The Citizen, IntelligenceBureauSA

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