WATCH: Cars go up in flames after driver fills petrol tank using a lighter

By Kim Abrahams
03 May 2017

Common sense is like deodorant; those who really need it, don’t use it.

There’s a saying that goes, ‘common sense is like deodorant; those who really need it, don’t use it’.

And just like fragrant deodorant, common sense is of major importance because a lack of it could be deadly – in this case quite literally!

CCTV footage taken at a petrol station in the city of Taraz in Jambyl, Kazakhstan, shows a driver using a lighter to look into his petrol tank. The tank seems to be positioned on the roof of his white truck.

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A mini explosion erupts and the roof of the vehicle goes up in flames. Shocked and in a moment of panic, the man swings the nozzle to the side and, before it falls on the ground, it hits one of the cars parked alongside the van. Instantaneously, there are flames licking the vehicle parked next door.

The video ends with a blinding amount of white smoke, reportedly as a result of the fire extinguisher used to put out the flames.

According to experts, the man was using diesel fuel. They believe the explosion could have been fatal had he used petrol.

Whether there were any injuries remains unknown.


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