Watch: Confused kudu wanders into OK Grocer

By Mieke Vlok
07 September 2016

Clearly, they didn't have what he was looking for.

Imagine you nip in to your local store to buy milk and bread -- only to find a young kudu 'shopping' alongside you!

A confused kudu bull recently wandered into an OK grocer in the town of Karibib in Namibia, reports Informanté newspaper. According to the outlet, shop owner Bernhard Pieters heard a ruckus in the shop and saw the kudu near the fruit and veg display. The poor thing slipped on the smooth floor and fell but bystanders rushed to his aid.

"My brother along with a few strong men and grabbed the Kudu where it fell and dragged the young bull out of the shop before it could hurt anyone or any real damage could be done,” Pieters said.

Pieters said that once outside the shop and back on the pavement the animal got up and ran across the main road and into the bushes nearby.

It’s believed that the kudu – which is naturally a very shy creature – entered the shop in search of water. Namibia is currently suffering a terrible drought and animals have been affected badly.

YOU has reached out to the OK Grocer for comment.

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