Watch dad challenge mom in hilarious bedtime routine showdown

By Samantha Luiz
24 February 2016

It's a race! Can this father of four beat supermom's bedtime record?

Bedtime can be a struggle for parents with young kids.

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No one knows this better than Dan Gibson and Corrie-Lynn Whyte, parents to 8-month-old triplets Olivia, Jackson, Levi and 2-year-old toddler Emily.

The couple, from Canada, usually chronicle their experiences on a blog called The Baby Gang.

About two weeks ago, the couple shared a video showing "supermom" Corrie-Lynn getting the four kids ready for bedtime in an epic showdown.

As expected, the video went viral, garnering over 3 million views on YouTube and a whopping 73 million views on Facebook.

And now it's dad's turn.

In a recent video shared by the bloggers, Dan is seen getting the kids ready for bedtime "for a little friendly competition."

"Watch this average dad try to compete with super-mom!" reads caption accompanying the video on Facebook.

It seems Dad managed to get the kids ready in the quickest time, an advantage he got from working with pyjamas that have zippers. "Lol why did daddy get zipper jammies when mama had to do the snaps? Super mom wins!?" pointed out one YouTuber user. "This dad works smart not hard... Zippers for the win!" Dan commented on Facebook.

Little red riding hoods and the big bad wolves! All ready for mommies birthday lunch! #thebabygang

A photo posted by Dan Gibs. ™ (@dangibs) on

The video, which was uploaded about a week ago has since gained 3,5 million views on Facebook.

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