WATCH: Dad consoles tantrumming two-year-old with the best advice

By Nombulelo Manyana
18 June 2017

He stopped her epic meltdown with six little words.

A video of a father comforting his two-year-old daughter after her friends were mean to her has brought the internet to tears. Tiara Vazquez was very sad when her friends called her "bad" and had an epic meltdown in her father's car. Her father, Popiando Vazquez, who is an Uber driver from New York City told FOX 5 he often leaves his dashboard camera on while driving, which is how he was able to capture the adorable moment. He uploaded the video to Instagram and in less than 24 hours it had clocked up over 1 million views.

We out baby girl! ?? #popiando

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In the video, Tiara is sitting on the console of her father's car, crying hysterically while he is trying to figure out what is wrong.

He can be heard saying, "Talk to me baby, what happened?"

While Tiara continues to wail, Popiando insists she talks to him. "Are you okay? Do you want a hug? Do you feel better now?" he asks -- but then he offers her some sage wisdom. "Don't let them see you cry." And just like that, little Tiara stopped crying and got a big hug from her dad.

Sources: Fox5. Refinery29

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