WATCH: Deaf toddler hears his mom say ‘I love you’ for the first time

By Robyn Lucas
31 July 2017

“My heart was beating so fast because my baby was about to hear for the first time”

Hearing birds chirp, the sound of waves crashing or cars honking are often taken for granted.

But this little boy has never heard any of those things.

Two-year-old Kanon Newsome was born deaf after being diagnosed with sensorineural bilateral hearing loss.

A gene both his parents unknowingly carried.

“It was devastating,” says Kanon’s mom Lindsey. “It felt like our world was crushed. It was the last thing we were expecting.”

When he was five months old, Kanon was referred to audiologists where doctors tried fitting him with hearing aids.

But unfortunately, they didn’t help.

PHOTO: YouTube PHOTO: YouTube

That’s when Kanon’s desperate mom Lindsey and dad Justin, took him to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where experts suggested he get cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that replace the function of the damaged ear by sending sound signals to the brain.

When Kanon was 19 months old he underwent a four-hour long operation so that his implants could finally be fitted.

And now a heartwarming clip shows how little Kanon hears his mom saying ‘I love you’ for the first time after his right ear implant was switched on.

“My heart was beating so fast because my baby was about to hear for the first time,” Lindsey says.

At first, Kanon looked a bit confused and shocked as to what was going on but once he figured everything out – he gave his overjoyed mom a brief little smile.

“At first it was a beeping sound, but then his daddy and I got to say, ‘Hey Kanon, we love you.’ And he heard it for the first time,” says the overjoyed mom.

Three months later his second implant was activated.

And the now two-year-old doesn’t think twice about dancing to his parent's old blues records.

“He loves slow blues music. He will close his eyes and just dance to it,” Lindsey says happily.

He also attends therapy where he’s learning how to talk.

“Getting the cochlear implants for Kanon was the best decision of my life,” Lindsey says.


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