WATCH: Distressing scene as parents leave their child in a locker while they go for a swim

By Robyn Lucas
01 August 2017

The parents apparently left the child in the tiny locker because they didn’t want to spend money on a babysitter

A Chinese couple has landed in hot water after leaving their toddler in a cramped changing room locker while going for a swim.

The footage shows the mother opening a wooden locker and removing the distressed little boy – after stunned staff workers heard the toddler bawling his eyes out.

The shocking incident took place at a bath house in Yangjiang, Guangdong, In China. The toddler’s father and siblings could also be seen standing around the locker.

, Kan Kan News reports.

The incident caused an outrage on China’s social media platforms, with one person slamming the parents’ actions as “irresponsible” and “careless”. Another said: “The child looked powerless when it was pulled out.”

It is yet to be confirmed whether the police have been notified.


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