WATCH: Heartstopping moment woman jumps in front of speeding car to save child

07 June 2017

She saved his life.

Please note some footage may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

You're walking along the sidewalk when you suddenly see a car hurtling towards a nearby child. It's a matter of milliseconds before the vehicle collides with him and the brick wall behind him. What do you do?

On Wednesday last week, Shanta Jordan did the unthinkable -- she used her body as a buffer to protect a little boy in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the US when a car came careering towards them.

In a video clip of the incredible incident, Shanta can be seen throwing herself in front of the unnamed boy, seconds before a speeding car smashes into them.

According to reports, Shanta's selfless, split-second action prevented him from being crushed against the wall.

An eyewitness says the impact of the crash "sounded like a bomb descending".

The boy's brother was also injured during the incident.

All three survived and are still in hospital. The boy recovered from an operation during which doctors succeeded in saving both his legs from amputation.


Shanta will be honoured in a special ceremony at the town hall next week.

The driver of the vehicle, Allen Person (37), has been arrested and charged with reckless driving.

Sources:: Daily Mail UK. .

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