Watch: hilarious moment granny falls into granddaughter’s cot

By admin
22 November 2016

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Anyone who’s ever rocked a baby to sleep in their arms will know the sheer relief you feel when that baby finally falls asleep.

This is when you carefully walk the baby to the bedroom to slowly put them down so that they don’t wake up. Like when Valerie ‘Vivi’ Sharp (61) of Huntsville, Alabama wanted to put her granddaughter to bed.

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But it wasn’t that simple for Vivi, because she’s quite short and her granddaughter’s cot’s guard rails are quite high. She keeps a step in front of the bed at hand so that she can reach in to put the little one to bed.

But when Vivi wanted to put little Lola into bed things went a little haywire. The five-foot tall grandmother tumbled over the guard rail and ended up in the bed herself. Read more: Pretoria woman’s hilarious response to ‘Your boyfriend made me pregnant’ text goes viral Lola’s mother, Nikki Bishop, saw the hilarious moment on her baby monitor’s video and decided to share the footage on Facebook. She said that she was sure she’d make a few people laugh. She was shocked to learn that 90 people had watched it. The video has since been watched more than 46 million times and clearly has people all over the world laughing.

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