WATCH: Hilarious moment man's perving is an epic fail

By Kim Abrahams
30 July 2017

Some men have absolutely no shame.

If they find you attractive, they will stare you down as if their single life depends on it.

Not only is it often uncomfortable for the lady, it’s downright disrespectful too.

But one man got just what he deserved when he simply couldn’t shift his gaze from a woman crossing the road.

CCTV footage caught the moment the unknown man knocked into a robot, fell over and spilled the milk he had bought seconds before at the nearby grocery store.

The video shows the woman leaving the store and making her way across the road.

Seconds later the man also exits, but instead of watching where he’s walking, he keeps his eyes on the woman.

His distraction leads him straight into the pole and he knocks his head so hard, he falls back. The impact of his fall sends the milk flying out his arms.

He rubs his knocked head for a few moments before returning to the store to replace his spilled goods.

No use crying over spilled milk, mate.

The hilarious clip, which was filmed around 2 pm on Tuesday, has gone viral since it was shared on the internet.


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