WATCH: Hopefully this little girl’s playmate has already eaten…

13 July 2017

Edness, who has dubbed her daughter the “snake whisperer”, says snakes are not the blood-thirsty monsters we make them out to be.

Children usually have at least one good friend with whom they can run around and play games or sit quietly and chat to.

But this four-year-old’s pal is probably not the playmate most parents would choose for their kids…

Her bestie is albino python called Cher – and the two love curling up on the couch and watching television together.

And “curling up” is certainly the best way to describe the way Cher relaxes on the couch. The serpent, named after the famous singer, is roughly 3,6 m long and the couch is hardly large enough to accommodate her considerable length.

And like any other lady, Cher loves a good bubble bath. And her human pal is always on hand to dry off her lovely yellow skin.

The little girl, whose name and location are not known, and her serpentine pal regularly features in videos shared on YouTube by one Edness Taoka – presumably the girl’s mother.

The most recent one was picked up by LADBible and shared on Facebook, where it’s received almost 20 million views.

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“They’re given a bad reputation in the media and it leads to a great deal of panic and paranoia.”

And plenty of commenters agree.

“That's a 12’ reticulated python that's obviously well taken care of,” one snake enthusiast wrote. “They get ‘puppy’ friendly if handled properly and regularly. A little education goes a long way.”

Sources: LADbible, Facebook, YouTube

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