WATCH: Horrific video shows flesh of fish 'come to life' after it's been cut and cleaned

By Kim Abrahams
10 July 2017

It's ‘flapping’ mind-blowing.

Normally a fish flaps around moments after it’s been caught.

But what’s abnormal is half the body of a fish flapping about after it’s been cut and cleaned. A bizarre video shows one half of a dead fish’s body flipping uncontrollably on a tray.

The video, which was shared by Yataka Suzuki on Twitter, shows the flesh of the dead animal seemingly come back to life.

The nearly two-minute video was tweeted along with the caption, “The vitality of fish is amazing.”

Twitter immediately erupted with horror in response to the clip, but there’s a scientific explanation for the strange phenomenon.

Although it's dead the neurons are still intact if the fish is very fresh, according to Christie Wilcox, a writer from Scientific America,

If these neurons are exposed to salt, the muscles begin to contract, which triggers the flapping movements. In other instances if the nerves of the fish aren't severed properly the neurons still remain active even if the brain has died.

In the case of the fish in the video, the neurons were still active because the fish was so fresh and only after salt was thrown on the flesh did the cut piece start to move.

So rest assured, zombie fish aren't part of our reality yet – it's still "flapping" mind-blowing nonetheless.


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