WATCH: Horrifying dashcam footage shows the moment a passenger is sent flying through the back window

By Kim Abrahams
03 July 2017

If you’ve ever needed reason to wear a seatbelt, watch this video.

Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a man is sent flying out the back window of a car after the driver completely loses control of the vehicle, crashing into a barricade on the side of the road.

The horrific accident took place in Chongqing, a city in south-western China.

Miraculously, the all three people in the black vehicle survived the incident.

In the video, the car is seen veering off the designated driveway, slamming into the metal rails on the opposite side of the road.

car crash 2

The impact of the crash is so hard, a man – who was one of two people in the back seat – flies out the back windscreen, along with the shattered car parts.

The second passenger’s head is hanging out of the smashed window while the vehicle spins in circles before eventually coming to a standstill.

The man, who was found while he lay on the side of the road, was still conscious enough to communicate to police officers and paramedics on the scene.

The driver along with the other two passengers was taken to a hospital and treated for the injuries sustained.

Police confirmed that neither backseat passengers were wearing their seatbelts.


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