WATCH: Kimberley's Dantanio brings the King of Pop back to life in the Michael Jackson History Show

By Nadim Nyker
17 February 2017

YOU went behind the scenes to find out where the magic all began.

Waking up on a cold Saturday morning in Kimberley to his brother dancing in the kitchen to the King of Pop, Dantanio Goodman felt an immediate connection. 

He was nine years old. By ten, he knew half the Michael Jackson collection. Before he knew it, he was performing at his school's Spring Festival and as he puts it, "the girls went crazy". Dantanio could sing, walk, talk and dance like Michael Jackson.

Decades later he is performing in the MJ History Show, produced by Showtime. The show has toured around the world to international acclaim and takes audiences through the best performances of legendary artist, Michael Jackson.

On stage, the resemblance between Michael and Dantanio is unbelievable. YOU went behind the scenes and got to see where the magic all began.

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