WATCH: Men cut open enormous python – and find their friend inside

By Joanie Bergh
29 March 2017

A bystander caught the horrifying moment on camera.


It may seem impossible to imagine but the body of a man was recently removed from a 7 m long python.

Akbar Salubiro (25), from a remote village in Indonesia, went missing on Sunday night when he wanted to go and harvest palm oil on a nearby island.

His friends and family became concerned when he still hadn’t returned home by Monday. When they started to look for him, a family member came upon a massive python in Akbar’s backyard.

They immediately suspected the snake was to blame for Akbar's mysterious disappearance.

His lifeless body was indeed inside the belly of the snake after locals cut the reptile open with a long hunting knife.

A bystander caught the gruesome moment on camera. In the video, you can see how Akbar’s body is slowly removed from the animal’s stomach.

Akbar’s wife, Munu, was not home during the incident and only found out about what happened to him when people started sharing news and photos on social media.

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Salubiro Junaidi, a local, said: “The night before Akbar’s body was found inside the snake residents recalls hearing a loud scream.”

Akbar was found inside the snake with his shoes on.

Pythons are boa constrictors who strangle and suffocate their prey before swallowing them whole.

Watch the graphic video here:

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