Watch out for this WhatsApp scam!

By Kirstin Buick
19 January 2015

Falling for this could cost you hundreds of rands a month!

Received an SMS telling you to update your WhatsApp of late?

Whatever you do, don't click on that link! Thousands of South Africans have received text messages that read: "You have not updated to the latest WhatsApp Add-ons. Click here now," followed by a web address.

'It could be months before you notice the additional R210 charges'

Clicking on the link will lead to a very official looking mobisite, complete with a download link. Clicking the "continue to set up" button will do nothing of the sort, however.

The hard-to-read fine print below the button warns users what that inviting green button will actually do. By clicking on the link, you're signing up to a social network that will cost you R7 per day!

"If you are one of those people who doesn’t check their monthly bills, it could be months before you notice the additional R210 charges (R7 x 30 days)," tech blogger Liron Segev points out. "Even when you do, you will have a hard time getting your money back as technically you signed up for this service when you clicked on Continue. The service isn’t illegal either as they met the legal requirement of displaying exactly what the charges are."

"If they send millions of these messages and only a fraction clicks and unwittingly signs up, they make pretty good money…"

For more info, or to find out how to update your Whatsapp legitimately, click here.

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