WATCH: People 'chased' by portable toilets in bizarre video clip

By Pam Magwaza
03 July 2017

The video was captioned, "This is not funny", but...

While you're running to the loo, people in Russia are running from it! The city of Moscow had some serious rainfall this past weekend -- so much so that emergency services issued an official warning for residents to take cover until the next day. But the people who decided to brave the rain were in for a stinky surprise. In a video posted by journalist Bryan MacDonald, people at Red Square in the Russian capital can be seen running from the blue portable toilets that were washed away by the heavy rains, with the mud and water carrying them straight for folks on the street.

Although the video was captioned, "This is not funny", Twitter users couldn't help but have a giggle.

Sources: ECR, Metro

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