WATCH: Pigeon crashes into man on roller coaster

By Pam Magwaza
12 April 2017

Poor, poor pigeon...

A theme park based on the fastest and most luxurious car on the market just opened in Spain -- and for one man it really started with a bang.

The Ferrari-themed park opened on the 6 April and 1 500 people were in line to be among the first to get their adrenaline dose.

One of the park's star rides is the Red Force – Europe’s tallest and fastest roller-coaster. This roller coaster lasts only 30 seconds but can reach heights of up to 112 meters and speeds of up to 180 km/h in the first 5 seconds.

PHOTO: Gettyimages PHOTO: Gettyimages

Now imagine going at that speed -- and colliding face-first with a bird!

That is exactly what happened to a thrill-seeker during his first ride on the Red Force. CCTV footage shows the man sitting next to a friend of his -- hands in the air, mouth wide open -- he is clearly excited to start the ride.

As the Red Force picks up speed, a pigeon comes smashing into the man's face!

The bewildered man manages to extract himself, but if the blood-splattered riders are anything to go by, the poor pigeon wasn't quite so lucky...

Source: Viral Thread, Ferrari Land

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