WATCH: Shocking moment that a Ford Kuga ‘explodes’ – another video surfaces

By Jana van der Merwe
19 January 2017

“We couldn’t believe it, we were blown away, excuse the pun!”

This is what Dévan Swanepoel (27) of Cape Town said of his near-death experience when a family’s Ford Kuga exploded next to him and his friend, Gregg Whitehead (also 27).

The Kuga scandal has been making headlines for a while now with 46 of the models haphazardly going up in flames and claiming one life thus far. Eleven of the cases happened in the last month.

He explains how the incident just before Sir Lowry’s on 2 January; emergency services arrived immediately while the occupants of the Kuga stood about 100 m from the vehicle.

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Dévan, an entrepreneur, says that he and Gregg, an English teacher, were on their way back from a holiday in Hermanus when the incident happened. Gregg took a video while he drove.

“We just went over a hill when we saw the smoke – and then moments later as we went past them we heard the explosion”. That is the shocking moment in the video in which the casing and windows burst. Their vehicle, a Mitsubishi Pajero, was fortunately not damaged.

“When we drove past the people, a man, a young woman and two children, it looked as though the woman was crying. I can only imagine how traumatic it must have been for them, for your car to go up in flames.”

Ford has since issued a recall on the 4556 Ford Kuga’s which were sold in South Africa due to issues with its safety.

Dévan says that he initially only shared the video with his Facebook friends, because at that point the issue wasn’t in the news. But by Thursday morning it had been shared more than 2400 times. According to Dévan, it is good that Ford is taking the necessary steps. “They need to fix the problem. These are people’s lives that are being out in danger. Somebody needs to take responsibility.”

In a statement on their website: “Ford has started a safety recall for the Kuga 1.6 to address engine overheating. All vehicles, including those that have already been checked must be taken to a Ford dealership. We are committed to keeping you mobile, so arrangements will be made through your Ford dealer or Ford customer service to provide a courtesy car should you be inconvenienced. For further assistance call 0860 011 022 or email

YOU is awaiting comment from Ford on this latest incident.

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