WATCH: Thief or spooky ghost?

By Robyn Lucas
30 July 2017

Is there any need to call ghost busters?

Was that a desperate thief or spooky ghost?

A desperate thief donned a white sheet ala Casper the Friendly Ghost in a bid to avoid CCTV cameras in the flat he attempted to rob.

The footage – taken in a flat in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China – shows the unknown man slowly peeking his head out before quickly retreating after he spots the CCTV camera.

PHOTO: YouTube PHOTO: YouTube

He speedily runs downstairs to think of a master plan on how to bypass the dreaded camera.

About 20 minutes later, the crook gathers his courage and slowly creeps around the corner with a white curtain he had cut and wrapped around his whole body.

Thinking he’s dodged the watchful eye of the camera, he hastily flees the scene.

The police swiftly arrived after receiving a phonecall about the weird incident and were able to track the innovative thief down.

How? The smarty pants looked directly into the camera before donning his ghost couture.

Thankfully, the thief did not manage to steal anything from the flat but did admit to committing several other crimes in the area.

We guess it wasn’t necessary to call in the ghost busters!


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