Watch this 78-year-old grandma deadlift 102kg THREE times

By Samantha Luiz
30 March 2016

When Shirley Webb first joined the gym in 2014, she could barely walk up the stairs without holding on to the railing.

The ultimate fitspiration.

If she got on the floor, she had to use a chair to prop herself up again.

In fact, the 78-year-old's only form of exercise was mowing the lawn.

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"That's about the only exercise I ever got," said Shirley, who lives in St. Louis, Illinois.

But then everything changed when she, with her granddaughter, joined her local gym and got a trainer.

"My trainer realised that I was kind of strong, so he kept adding weights," she said.

And she has made some serious gains! Not only can the elderly woman walk up the stairs unaided, she has become quite the weightlifter. In a viral video shared by her trainer, Shirley is seen deadlifting 225 pounds (102kg) not once but three times.

"She's gotten to the point where everybody greets her and is just absolutely impressed," revealed her trainer John Wright. "She inspires everybody that goes to the gym and it's fun to see that." She even got recognition from fellow heavy lifter and football player J.J Watt. "I’m just trying to live to 78, much less deadlift at 78. Touché to you Shirley! #BeastMode," he tweeted.

"I've seen such a remarkable difference in myself," Shirley told Today. "I'm glad that people are getting inspired by me doing this. I had one lady come in the gym and say, 'I saw your video and I decided to come down and join this club.' That makes me feel good."

Shirley, who goes to gym twice at least twice a week, currently holds two records in the age and weight group: deadlifting at 237 pounds in Illinois, and 237 pounds in Missouri.

"I have no intention of stopping right now," she revealed. "When I go to the gym and work out, when I leave, I feel so much better than I did when I went in, and I just feel so good. I feel tremendous."


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