WATCH: This man expresses exactly how he feels about deceased inlaw

By News24 Wire
05 May 2017

Heard of Lameck? You should have because he's just become Zimbabwe's latest hero.

Lameck Makwiramiti shot to fame after a short clip showing him doing something very unusual at a funeral was wildly shared on Facebook.

In the video, Lameck stand over a grave, holding his grandchild and delivers a passionate speech about Mai Tumba (the woman being buried).

He describes her as someone who is not a good person.

He says Mai hurt his family after her son got his daughter pregnant and then abandoned her. The video was posted on his "official" Facebook page

and in the caption he says he has been silent about how he feels for 3 years.

"Your daughter impregnated @ 17 and she is treated like a dog. In silence and out of love you take her in, son in-law included and go on to fend for the grandchild for a good 3 years with no help from the inlaws.

"After the "good" mother in law who poured urine on your daughter passes on, you have the decency to provide transport for mourners."

His words have been a real talking point on social media, with many asking: Was Lameck brave to go against funeral tradition and speak what was in his heart? Or was he a coward for not having a go at Mai Tumba while she was still alive? Advocate Fadzayi Mahere kicked off the debate on Twitter at the end of last week, clearly showing how she felt: "Lameck speaks his mind. Lameck doesn't pretend that bad people are good people. Be like Lameck. #ChokwadiChakanaka (the truth is good)."

Since then blog posts have been written and one Zimbabwean woman even decided to say exactly what she thought about her ex-mother-in-law who she wrote had ruined 12 years of her life.

Lameck has even been booked for radio interviews. A post written on the page on Wednesday suggested that Lameck only spoke out because he was overcome by emotion after listening to "unwarranted praises" from other mourners. "As a parent would you harshly judge me for my actions?" he asks.

A hashtag - #teamLameck - has been adopted by those who think he's done the right thing in sticking up for his daughter and breaking with the "wafa wanaka" tradition that discourages people saying anything negative about someone who's died.

One commentor even wrote: "People should desist from declaring a dead person a saint yet you know exactly well that person was wicked evil satanic during his/her lifetime. Lameck is a pace setter. Tell it as it is!"

What do you think, should the old tradition of "don't speak ill of the dead" be abandoned?

Source: News24 Wire

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