WATCH: Toe-curlingly awkward moment kiss cam lands on mom and son

By Nombulelo Manyana
06 May 2017

Their reactions are just priceless.

"That's my mom!" was all this young man can be seen mouthing to the camera when it landed on them.

The kiss cam -- which projects couples onto a big screen in the centre of the court at basketball games, prompting them to have a good smooch for the audience -- landed on the pair at the Milwaukee Bucks? game in Wisconsin.

When he saw himself on the big screen, the son immediately shook his head in horror and mouthed, "that's my mom". The mom, who was texting on her phone didn't know what was going on until she finally looked up seconds later -- and her facial expression says it all

The Milwaukee Bucks posted the footage on its official Twitter account with the caption: "Awkward Kiss Cam Moment Number 324."

Behind the mother and son, you can see other members of the audience recoil in horror and amusement at the Kiss Cam.

Definitely an example of kiss cam going very wrong!

Sources: Daily Mail. The Sun. The Mirror

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