Watch: Two-year-old scales 'swimming pool' gate AND opens it in 21 seconds flat

18 January 2017

Brodie's mom shared the video as a warning to other parents.

The ability of children to land in dangerous situations is amazing.

An Australian two-year-old had internet users gasping for breath as he climbed something that looked like a swimming pool gate in 21 seconds -- and opened it.

The Facebook video, which the child’s mother, Wendy Atkinson, shared on her own profile, has been viewed more than 450 000 and shared more than 8 000 times.

Little Brodie was in his nappy in the video. His mom urged people to read her whole Facebook post before making vicious comments. She makes it clear that although the gate looked like a swimming pool gate, they haven’t had a pool built because of Brodie’s age.

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She shared the video to make parents aware of how quickly a child can climb such a gate.

The video of the little rascal caught the eye of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and the organization immediately shared it with its Facebook followers.

“Swimming pools are one of the biggest dangers children face – especially those under five years old. This video of a two-year-old climbing a pool fence is scary stuff,” the NSRI wrote.

“Pools should have multiple barriers, and fences that can be locked. Two latches that only an adult can reach is an absolute must.”

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Watch the video here and read Wendy’s complete post to understand why she shared it:

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